About Us

Our Story

Sublime Desserts is an internationally renowned, Canadian based, high end frozen desserts manufacturer. This fourth generation business has representatives strategically placed around the globe to cater to its international clientele.

Tracing back to its roots in 1932, decades of passion for quality have given Sublime Desserts a reputation for unrivalled excellence recognized throughout the world. The company is HACCP certified, GFSI certified and ISO 22000 certified.

Millions of people worldwide have fallen in love with Sublime’s delicious desserts which are made with the finest ingredients gathered from around the world. The premium ingredients utilized are sure to satisfy the most refined palates. If it’s not the absolute best ingredient, we simply don’t use it. We accept nothing less, regardless of the circumstances.

Sublime Desserts’ state of the art production facilities have allowed it to produce bakery style desserts on an industrial scale. With cutting edge European equipment, combined with a very carefully planned and meticulously organized production, clients of Sublime Desserts can expect and rely on a consistently superior gastronomical experience when enjoying the world famous desserts.

Sublime Gourmet, the company’s gourmet arm, has revolutionized the breakfast and snack categories with the Bocalito® which provides quick, convenient and healthy, breakfast and snack solutions. Simply put, the Bocalito® is a bagel dough, stuffed with cream cheese or an omega 3 omelette for breakfast, or non-meat pizza filling, falafel, chocolate-hazelnut or feta and spinach filling for snacks. Bocalitos® are pre-baked, frozen and individually packed.